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Corona Public Library

The Summer Reading Challenge (SRC) is free for all ages and reading abilities. All reading, listening, learning, and Summer At Your Library (SAYL) events count.

  1. Registration and logging is open from June 6–July 30. In order to protect your information, we delete registration information from past years. Please create a new account to access the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge by clicking the green register button on the left. Please note that this is separate from your library login, which will not work to login to the challenge. If you need help registering, click on the "Help" tab above for a step-by-step guide.
  2. Paper logs are available in English and Spanish at the SAYL BOOTH (downloadable version coming soon)
  3. READERS 0-4 will earn points for prizes for each time they read a book!
    READERS 5-12 will earn points for prizes for the minutes they read!
    READERS 13+ will earn prizes with our Teen/Adult BINGO card!
    Printable logs are available at the SAYL BOOTH (downloadable copies available soon) 
    Kids earn prizes by reaching 400 points, 800 points, and 1,200 points. Also, earn a free book when you reach 1,200 points! There is an mystery prize for readers who read above and beyond and reach 2,400 points!                                                   13+ readers will earn prizes by playing the Bingo card: 1st row, 2nd row, and third row will earn prizes. Third row in Bingo also earns a free book! Blackout Bingo earns a mystery prize! 
  4. Prize distribution begins Monday, June 13th and will continue through Saturday, August 6th. 
  5. Find secret codes hidden at On The Go, Inkheart Book Club, and Lord of the Rings Book Club to ear additional points/blocks.